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Everybody likes music, Right? Who doesn't..??

Music is a soul fuel to some if not the majority of people, it helps relieve stress, forget about the world, Gain more self-esteem and motivation, I know it's true because those benefits reflect on me when my headphones are plugged to my phone and are in my ears.

But that's not the subject here...

There is a huge issue with todays rap that is needed to be addressed immediately!

Rap has changed and it did change massively, It has deviated in many aspects: Style, rhythm, beats, artists etc... And if you make a comparison between 'Todays Rappers' and the pioneers of rap you'd notice a huge difference if you really listen, You'd see how it has changed the way rap used to be.

I put 'Todays rappers' like this for the reason of me not considering it rap, ofcourse not all rap artists today sucks, but about most of them is ruining the game, Most rappers today are referred to as 'Mumble rappers' and it basically means that when they open their mouths what comes out....? NOBODY KNOWS! Their words are incomprehensible and not uderstandable, heck! even the constant repetition of words and the beat doesn't even match with what they are rapping about!

Yet this isn't even the worst part..

Being a Hip-Hop / Rap fan I can't complain about the amount of views the new-school generation of rap & hip-hop are gaining or how fast they're growing through social media, I like seeing people succeed, Success is a great feeling!

The worst part about this is that dispite that rap used to be a mean to send a message, Most rappers of today don't spit rhyms and words for the sake of music and rap, As it used to be.. Not to mention the auto-tune and sound control programs & devices of today that were not available back then.

Doing it for swag and dollars isn't all bad either.. But it sure changes the course of where good old hip-hop is going.. People forgetting the original essence of original hip-hop, Busting out real words from the heart for the love of rapping.

Yesterday we had Rakim, Tupac, Biggie Smalls, Nas etc.. Today we have Migos, lil yachy, lil pump, lil uzi vert... Damn alot of lils nowadays.

now say you listened to both kind of artists and we compare them considering the style and message? who in your opinion would be better?

I personally like the old way of rap and I know alot of people agree with me, and the others.. not so much.

but who am I to speak, People seem to like it, A good reasonable reason why people like new school rap is because they grew up at it and with it, Moving with the trends.

But hey! Everybody has a taste and that's okay, It's not the end of the world... the world is evolving and we are evolving with it!

Hope to hear your opinions and thoughts at Balllin15@gmail.com.

The game might be changing but hopefully it will not completely fade away.




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